Poems for Weddings to Read at Ceremony

Poems for weddings that can be read at the ceremony. The celebration of marriage is a very special event, two people have found and are willing to commit to spending their lives together is nothing less than a miracle. It’s a party full of unprecedented joy. According to the families involved, there are many wedding styles, we want it to be as romantic as possible and we offer some beautiful love poems for reading at the time of the wedding celebration.

Weddings Poems to Read at Ceremony

Poems for Weddings

Love wedding poems for the bride and groom, verses for writing on the wedding cards

Today for us,
family and friends,
It’s a special day.

Since God,
has united our destiny,
we have waited for it
with enthusiasm and joy.

I recognize that
due to the distance
and culture,
we have had difficult times,
even seemed
that our love was fading,
but it was the opposite,
was strengthened.

I remember one day you told me …
Joan, do you love me?
or I am simply,
A present for you!
I answered without hesitation;
I love your heart.

Luz Marina
together with our relatives
and friends, I tell you;
For my heart,
you will always be my princess
I will treat you like a queen,
I will be your complete and faithful husband.
And forever I will love you.

I love you Luz Marina

For you my dear wife, I will always love you.

Author: Joan Mengual

Wedding poems for the bride and groom

On your wedding day I send,
Some loving wishes as a friend.
Don’t worry what the future brings,
Be sure it’s full of happy things!

Bless the bride and groom this day,
From now until you’re old and grey!

I wish your love would be just as endless
As the rings you exchange and wear,
A circle of real happiness
For both of you to share!

The day of your marriage, it’s true
So shiny and fine,
With all best friends beside you
To have a great time.
We wish you showers of love
Starting your lives as one,
And happiness shared together
May reign over your lives forever!

Capture all the precious moments
And hold them in your heart,
Today you vow to each other
And make a brand new start!

A promise of wedding,
That two hearts truly make,
A vow to be forever loving,
To guide, to give and take!

Till the depth of sea gets dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt in the sun,
I will love you still, my dear,
While the sands of life shall run.

I wish you to share your lives together,
To build special plans forever,
Down the road walk side by side,
And smile to each other with pride!

Verses to write in wedding cards

Now the rite is duly done,
All the words were spoken,
And the spell has made you one
That may never be broken!

Have a happy wedding day,
Don’t worry what to do or say.
The day is yours to love and share,
With joy and not a single care!

Words are not enough today,
When your love will show the way,
To a wedding joy never ending,
The warmest wishes I am sending!

You’ve waited for this moment
Since the days when you were small,
Throughout your life this just might be
The greatest day of all!

Don’t write your names in the sky – the wind will blow them away,
Don’t leave them in the sand – waves can wash them away.
But post the names in your hearts today,
And forever there they will safely stay.

When someone dries your tears,
When someone wins your heart.
Love has come and set you free,
A whole new life shall start!

Today is beginning of the rest of your life,
Together forever as husband and wife.
Your dreams will come true with love and much more,
Happiness to share and the world to explore!

I’ve never imagined that there can be a day,
A day when love will find its way.
Out of your heart and into his (her) soul,
These feelings you have are beyond control.

Congratulations on your wedding!

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